Community Catalysts training

Community Catalyst Training.

Are you committed and passionate about climate action, social justice and/or social solidarity economy?

If you work with youth, or you are under 30, this training is made for you!

Welcome to a three-month participatory virtual training by Resilience.Earth about how to cultivate youth capacity and leadership in local and global movements for climate justice, regenerative economy and community resilience. Participants will explore theories, strategies and tools as well as engage in co-creative spaces in which they can design their own localized strategies and projects.

Participants: People who work with youth as well as youth activists dedicated to social and ecological change. Motivational letter: We’ll ask you to tell us why are you interested in taking part of the training, you can write it on the motivational letter part of the sign up form. 

Structure: 2-hour sessions weekly, every Monday from 4PM to 6PM. Starting February 1th, every Monday excluding holidays (5-9 April).

Language: English, with language support available for Spanish and Catalan speakers.

Cost: Free (fully funded by the Erasmus+ program)

Topics covered include: Systems and Indigenous thinking, change processes and leverage points, community catalyst roles, community resilience, regenerative development, transformative economies, and communication for ecosocial change, and other topics related to catalysing change at the community level.

Spots are limited as we want to ensure a high-quality learning environment. Participant selection will be based on motivation statements (in the form below) and the diversity of overall group. People from the Global South are encouraged to apply.

Deadline to apply: 24 January 2021 at midnight. On 25 January 2021 we will communicate results to everyone who has applied.



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